Getting-Started with ActiveMQ on MacOS

JMS QuickStart on Mac OS X

The JMS Tutorial Show Step-by-Step How-to Getting-Started with ActiveMQ for Java Message Service Development on Mac OS X.

As Pre-Requisite for Apache ActiveMQ is the Oracle Java SE JDK 7+ Installation on Mac OS X.

Some ActiveMQ Framework Features:

  • Fully JMS Compliant
  • Connectivity (Wide range of Connectivity Options with protocols: Http/s, IP multicast, STOMP, TCP, UDP, XMPP)
  • Pluggable persistence and security
  • Building messaging applications with Java
  • Integration with application servers (Apache Tomcat, Jetty, Apache Geronimo, JBoss)
  • Client APIs (C/C++,.NET,Perl,Python,Ruby and more)
  • Broker clustering (Many ActiveMQ brokers can work together as a network of brokers for scalability purposes)
  • Dramatically simplified administration
Getting-Started with ActiveMQ JMS on Mac OS X - Featured