How-to QuickStart with Jetty Web Server on Mac 10.11 El Capitan Easy Guide

Jetty QuickStart for Mac 10.11 El Capitan

The Mac Tutorial Shows You Step-by-step How-to Install and Getting-Started with the Latest Jetty 9+ Java EE Web Server Stable Release on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan Unix/BSD.

The Jetty Web Server provides an HTTP server and Servlet container capable of serving static and dynamic content either from a standalone or embedded instantiations.

Jetty Main Features:

  • Asynchronous HTTP Server
  • Standards based Servlet Container
  • Web Sockets server
  • SPDY server
  • Asynchronous HTTP Client
  • OSGi, JNDI, JMX, JASPI, AJP support
Install Jetty on Mac 10.11 El Capitan - Featured
  1. Download Latest Jetty Web Server Release:

    Get Jetty Server tar.gz
  2. Double-Click on Archive to Extract

  3. Open a Command Line Terminal Window
    Applications > Utilities > Terminal
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Getting-Started with Jetty Java EE Web Server for Mac El Capitan 10.11 - Open Terminal
  4. Relocating Jetty Web Server

    sudo mv $HOME/Downloads/jetty* /opt/jetty
  5. How-to Install Recommended Oracle JDK 7+ on Mac OS X:

    Install Oracle JDK 7+ for Mac
  6. Starting Jetty Web Server

    cd /opt/jetty
    sudo java -jar start.jar
  7. Jetty Web Server Quick Deployment Guide:

    How to Deploy on Jetty
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