How to Install Ant on Mac 10.12 Sierra OS X Step-by-Step Easy Guide

Apache Ant Install Mac Sierra 10.12 OS X

Hello Mac User! This is Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Install Apache Ant on Mac 10.12 Sierra OS X.

And Ant for Mac Sierra is a build tool, a small program designed to help software teams develop big programs by automating all the drudge-work tasks of compiling code, running tests, and packaging the results for redistribution.

Futhermore, Apache Ant is written in Java and is designed to be cross-platform, easy to use, extensible, and scalable.

Finally, included in the Tutorial a Link to Getting Installed the Recommended Oracle Java JDK 7+ for Mac.

Quick-Start Apache Ant on Mac Sierra 10.12 OS X - Featured
  1. Download Latest Apache Ant Binaries

    Latest Apache Ant tar.gz
  2. Double-Click on Ant Archive to Extract

  3. Open a Command Line Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Apache Ant Quick-Start on Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra - Open Terminal
  4. Relocate Apache Ant:

    sudo su
    mv /Users/dave/Downloads/apache-ant* /opt/
  5. Setting Up the User PATH:

    nano $HOME/.profile


    export PATH=$PATH:/opt/apache-ant-[X.Y.Z]/bin
    export ANT_HOME=/opt/apache-ant-[X.Y.Z]
    export JAVA_HOME=[/path/2/jdk7]

    The JAVA_HOME Should Point to the Oracle Java JDK Installation.

    How-to Install Recommended Oracle JDK 7+ on Mac OS X:

    Install Oracle JDK for Mac

    Then Load the New SetUp:

    source $HOME/.profile
  6. Testing Ant Installation:

    ant -version
  7. Apache Ant Building Java Quick-Start

    Ant Quick-Start Guide